Finally! Know HOW to create the results you desire, With effortless ease and flow…And without the typical struggle, strain and stress associated with making results happen.

Creators of the Zone Program, Ian and Karina Stephens have over 15 years combined experience at assisting people and business owners to get in the zone, and stay there. They have been through the highs and the lows.

UNLEASH Your Potential With the ZONE Program!

The ZONE Program teaches you how to achieve a heightened state of concentration — Typically experienced by top athletes—enabling them to achieve peak performance.

When you’re creating from within the ZONE, you’ll dazzle yourself at the seemingly irrational results you can create in ½ the time!

Are you ready to go behind the scenes and learn how to get in the ZONE, and stay there… consistently?

Imagine what’s possible when you’re able to create from within the ZONE… and create from this state of consciousness that produces extraordinary results… and that sees you achieving your goals in record time and that defies rational exploration.

  • What would you DO different if you knew how to easily and effortlessly tap into the ZONE?
  • How much faster could you ACCELERATE your business?
  • Where would you BE six months from now, or in a year?

The ZONE Program is for high achievers who want rapid results, without wasting more unnecessary precious time.

Regardless whether you’re a small business owner, with a bricks and mortar business or an online business, an entrepreneur, a franchise owner, or a switched on leader or manager who wants to get ahead faster…

This is for you if…

  • You’re ready for a proven personal and business growth tool that guarantees rapid growth and acceleration.
  • You have an unquenchable thirst to be at the top, to be a leader in your industry.
  • You would love to be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve put into your business so far. Because despite all the hard work you’ve put into growing your business until this day you always seem to be one step behind the influencers in your industry.
  • You know something is missing because you spend way too much time pushing towards and forcing success instead of creating it with ease.
  • You want to end the struggle and discover how to get results faster.

Enrich Training and Development | Partnering to Amplify Results

Experience what it feels to be in the ZONE so that you can transform your struggles into success…

As a ZONE participant you will be shown a new way to create the desired results you want with ease and flow, moving away from the struggle, strain and stress associated with making results happen.

You’re going to dazzle yourself at the seemingly irrational results you can create in ½ the time.



Inside the ZONE

Take a peek at what peak performance looks like before you get started…

What’s in the 6 months?

Definition: The Zone is “A state that produces achievement with such an extraordinary degree of success, that it seems to defy purely rational explanation.”

To operate consistently in the Zone and achieve the results you want, fast, you will need to get in the sweet spot found at the centre of Mindset, Result Acceleration and Energy.

ZONE drills deep into all three in a way that has been missing in most coaching programs which just give you content, skills and strategies but fail at keeping you consistently in the Zone.

ZONE is a deep dive backstage pass to gain the missing ingredient successful people normally don’t share.

Prior to kicking into the program, you’ll get access to a pre-module which showcases the importance of being CONSISTENT in your actions. We explore how the lack of consistency is the KILLER to maintaining being in the ZONE once you get on your initial roll.

Here’s the themes behind each Fortnightly video Module…

Module 1—The Results Accelerator

Learn a framework for understanding human behaviour and where you need to work in your own psyche to ensure you behave differently in order to fast-tack new results.

Module 2—Smash Through Your Blockages with the Limiting Belief Barrier Buster

Get exposed to the power of the subconscious mind and the power of your thoughts and beliefs. In this module we drill into the one limiting belief that is holding you back from being who you really are and exploding your personal effectiveness, which enables you to boost the results you are attracting.

Module 3—Embrace the EASE Method

Finally, discover the missing ingredient behind the scenes as you learn the Results Attraction Formula in the EASE Method (Effortless Attraction Synchronicity & Easy).

Module 4—Discover the Science of Rapid Results Attraction

iscover the non woo-woo way of fact-tracking results, without needing to take 6 months out sitting on the side of a mountain and chanting OM, getting actual PILES instead of piles of wealth accumulating fast. We learn that manifesting is not a word to be scared of … instead you need to understand the science and structure of business manifesting.

Module 5—Access the State of Accelerated Attraction

Learn the ‘Consciousness Scale of Emotions’ – most people go to their grave without understanding the intention of their emotions and feelings.

Discover how to consciously choose better emotions and see the truth behind the statement that ‘thoughts are the DNA of transmitting, whilst feelings are the DNA of accelerated attraction!

Module 6—Eliminate S.H.I.T. from Your Life

In this month we get down to life changing emotional clearing work. You won’t need the tissues, but be prepared to learn how to deal with negatively stored emotions once and for all.

By the way, until you do this work the deep subconscious patterns which drive your life will continue to be in charge. Let’s kick them to the curb for ever so your life is no longer S.H.I.T. (Struggle, Hard Work, Ignorant, Trouble)

Module 7—How to Avoid Contracting BOSOMOCO

Discover how to live your best life without being burnt out, stressed out, maxed out and checked out (BOSOMOCO).

In this module you’ll learn of a new approach to creating the energy required to live and inspired life. Discover the energy drainers which cause stress and struggle, lower your vibration and kill the laws of attraction.

Module 8—Magnify Results with Intent & Effortless Ease

Discover the ASK Principle of getting what you want with more effortless ease and flow. The concept is based on Allowing, Surrendering & Kinesthetic Intention Setting.

Watch how you magnify results when you put this principle into action and defy logical explanation.

Module 9—Dive Into the Deep ZONE State

Now it’s the time to integrate the laws of consciously apply the art of results acceleration into your business and life.

We dig deep into the three universal laws which underpin the Results Acceleration Formula. This is all about the integration of all the sessions and work you’ve done so far and reviewing your ZONE progress.

Module 10—Meet “Bunditude”

Receive abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life by tapping into the secret ancient formula that will allow you to harness the sweet spot when gratitude and the right attitude merge to create a sustainable mind-blowing experience.

Module 11—Become a Magnet for Success

Your business and personal results are a direct reflection of your internal energy. Explore the ability to boost your physical energy and your endurance by looking at your internal consumption.

Experience more creativity, passion, joy, happiness, juice for life and success than you’ve ever thought possible.

Module 12—Do Less and Be More

Before you can accelerate rapidly you need to learn to slow down. Learn how to do less and be more so that you can stop the struggle and the stress and be in the FLOW.

Allow life to come to you so that you can escape the “having to force results” rollercoaster. You’ll become a magnet for success by doing less physically and be more energetically.

Included in the ZONE Program…

The ZONE Program has been designed to deliver RAPID results and REDUCE overwhelm!

BI-Monthly Content

Get access to new content each every Fortnight. Peak performance is a state of mind. We’ll teach you EXACTLY HOW to access this desirable state so that you can create whatever results you seek for business and pleasure.

monthly Q&A Webinar

A monthly 60-Minute Conscious Conversation Q&A coaching webinar, where we go deep on the theme for the month on ZOOM with hot seats… ask questions and get input from Karina & Ian. Ability to send your questions to us before the actual call and also ask questions LIVE during the call.

Bite-Sized Videos

Our content is delivered in the form of short, bite-sized videos to fit with your busy lifestyle and reduce overwhelm. This assures you take action and get results much faster.

Downloadable MP3 Audio

Each video is downloadable as an MP3 audio, for ease of use and on-the-move implementation.

Cheat Sheets & Handouts

You’ll also get access to practical Cheat Sheets & Handouts.

Home Joy

Plus there will be a small amount of Home Joy (small tasks you need to do each month between our Zoom sessions). This practical application guarantees you move faster towards your desired result.

“I participated in your course a couple of months ago. I wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed it and the practical take-away was amazing. I am already seeing results. Thanks again.”

Frontline Recruitment Franchisee, NSW

What the Zone Program is Not…

  • This NOT another to-do list you need to commit to to get results.
  • This is NOT a “set and forget membership” where we throw information at you, because information alone isn’t going to give you the results you want.
  • This is NOT about giving your more strategies to succeed… this is about teaching you a proven process to harness the laws of energy and understand what type of mindset you need to cultivate the ability to stay in the ZONE. But really, all you need to understand right now is that we’re going to teach you how to make results happen faster.

How Much is the Zone Program?.

The program includes:

  • 6x Monthly online coaching webinars – Valued at $3,000.00
  • 2x Fortnightly video Downloads + Guidebooks – Valued at $2,500.00
  • Access (Forever) to our ‘Immersion’ Live-Deep-Dives, Value at $1,500.00
  • Complimentary ticket to our online ‘Epiphany’ On-line Elite Retreat – valued at $1,500.00
  • Participation in a private facebook mastermind group – Valued at $1,500.00
  • Access to ReatreatMe Virtual website – Valued at $197.00

Total Value if $10,197.00 and yet, until “Date” Special Price Applies…

The ZONE program is a

6 month program

with a deposit of

$997 now

and then 4 x monthly payments of $750.

Or pay $3,497 up front in one instalment and

save $500.



“I feel invigorated, revitalised and thoroughly excited about implementing some great processes and systems to manage my time and roles and increase productivity and results. Personally I’ve gained some real insights too and needless to say my family and husband will probably be sending you thank you cards.”

Financial Planner, Henderson Matusch Financial Planning, Brisbane

Not Sure This is Worth Your Investment?

You Get Our 200% Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee!

We don’t believe in taking money from people who are not 100% convinced that we can help them. We’ve offered this guarantee for the last 5 years on all of our programs and no one has ever taken us up on it… so we are totally happy to give you the following guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you’re not happy by the end of module 1, and you are not 100% satisfied that ZONE will help you skyrocket your productivity and time-freedom, we’ll will give you a 100% refund on your investment, with no questions asked. Deal?

“I want to thank you for the best most useful training I have ever experienced. I falsely assumed that you could not teach me anything. I was wrong.

Having my own business has been liberating and also frightening. Your understanding and the way you distill the essential elements of what we need to do was truly remarkable and I thank you again. It is showing up daily in improved results, regards.”

Marty Reyment – Life Insurance Advisor, Melbourne

Who ARE we?

Hi, Karina Stephens here, the hippie yin part of the Stephens duo, an award-winning entrepreneur, author and holistic lifestyle junkie… and my husband Ian Stephens, a Public Speaker, Trainer and Peak Performance Coach for Small Business Owners and Corporate Leaders. Ian is the yang masculine part of our duo.

Ian is the published author of 4 books and the creator of 11 online resources that help small business owners and corporate leaders amplify their sales, leadership, personal and business results.

He has been voted one of the top 20 business speakers in Australia, and has delivered leading keynote speeches in over 29 countries, averaging over 180 days of speaking a year. Ian regularly presents when clients need a check-up from the neck up! He has successfully integrated his Master Practitioner studies in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) into all our programs and mastermind coaching groups.

This is what sets us apart – no amount of knowledge, tactics and techniques will assist unless we get the internal mindset and ‘state of mind’ right … first! And then take action.

Never forget…it’s 80% Psychology, and the rest is in your head!

Ian and I founded Enrich Retreat & Spa in January 2012. A health and wellness retreat specialising in stress management and out of this world spa treatments. It was a start-up business which soon took over our lives.

Being the little high achiever that I am I set a goal to become one of the best day spas in Australasia and after only 8 months of operation that goal was achieved. In October 2012 we won the award for Best Day Spa in Australasia.

I celebrated for a nano second and then said, “What’s next?” What was next for me was complete burnout and 6 months of bed rest. The pushing and striving and struggling had exhausted my adrenals and I no longer had the energy to walk to the letter box, let alone run a business.

Over the course of the following year I learnt that there was actually a different way to do business—that way is what we are presenting you with today—the ZONE program way. Stress became a thing of the past and results happened almost effortlessly. I learned a process to manage my mindset and my energy, while doing less and achieving more.

A year later we were up for the same award again. But I was bedridden, our spa manager quit and both our fathers had life threatening medical conditions which took up all the reserve energy we had left. Enrich Retreat & Spa became first runner up out of over 250 major established spas all over Australasia. How did this happen?

Because instead of concentrating on the ‘doing’, I changed my focus and worked on my mindset and my energy. I literally became a magnet for success while laying in bed.

Over the years we have developed and nurtured these skills into a unique set of strategies, tips, tools and formulas which has helped our main company, Enrich Training & Development achieve $500,000 more in sales over the last 5 years and enabled Ian to have more work life balance.

Through the school of hard knocks, Ian and I realised that there is a science and structure behind getting yourself in the zone, and consistently staying there. We pride ourselves on walking the talk because we’re passionate about empowering people with the tools, techniques and knowledge to fast track their wealth.

In the year 2000 we founded enRich Training & Development, and 18 years later we still get to live our passion and purpose—assisting the small business owners and entrepreneurial leaders to achieve extraordinary result… fast!

“Just a short note to say how much I gained from your trainings. I have participated in many courses over the years and this is the first time I have gained real practical steps to achieve my goals.”

Small Business Owner, Forrestfield, WA

3 Reasons Why ZONE is right for you?

Being able to (freely) tap into and access your ZONE of genius is going to change your life… and the way you do business… for ever.

Time and Freedom

Get time and freedom and experience how to leverage your skills, with more ease so that you can finally have the life you desire.

Recognition and Leadership

Sky rocket results and know what it feels like to be an influencer in your industry who finally gets the recognition and leadership you deserve.

Gain Control

Gain control over your emotions and fears and never get held back again by irrational blockages that stop you from accelerating your results.

Get Access to new tools that enable you to consistently be in the zone so that you can produce the results you actually want, with effortless ease and flow.

Discover the missing ingredient to do it differently through attraction vs. pushing and striving to get what you want.

Experience what it feels like to be in the Zone, every day—a state that produces results—with such an extraordinary, often unlikely, degree of success that it seems to defy pure rationale logic.

7 Reasons WHY you can trust us to deliver results?

  • Together, we bring a balance of masculine and feminine energies.
  • We have a combined total of 50 years of experience in the personal and business development space.
  • We are living proof that the ZONE Program works.
  • We are often told that we’re world class educators in serving up material in a simple and ‘getable’ way.
  • Our clients tell us that out content and tools are world class and that’s why we can create rapid breakthroughs for people like you and their businesses.
  • We’re award winning entrepreneurs. After only 8 months of opening a new business we won the award for best day spa in Australasia.
  • We’re living proof that we walk the talk of the laws that we teach, because we have transformed our life and our business.

General Bonuses

Bonus 1

Join our Immersion LIVE DEEP DIVES:

Twice a year (every 6 months) we are going to run our “Live Deep Dive” online workshop called Immersion. This will be a 3 hour online event where we go deep on the content so far, do hot-seat coaching relevant to your situation. Up to 15 Participants in the current zone program will get to jump in the hot-seat and receive one-on-one coaching. Listening in to the gems is a major bonus. In the corporate world we charge $1500 p/person for these events. Great additional value!

But wait… There’s more (LOL!)… As a graduate of the zone program, You will always be welcome to attend these live deep dives whenever we run them! Yes.. You become a life – long member of the zone Alumni so you can re-connect regularly.

Bonus 2

EPIPHANY  – The on-line Elite Retreat:

Annually we run our On-line Elite Retreat for anyone doing any of our programs, seminars and workshops. This is a chance to spend a special half a day online with high achievers learning advanced skills and strategies for peak performance. Participants of the ZONE Program get a complimentary ticket valued at $1,500.00!

Bonus 3

RETREATme Virtual Retreat – Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation:

Participants in the ZONE Program get complimentary access to Karina’s virtual retreat siteRETREATme. This virtual retreat showcases a new approach to creating the energy required to live an inspired life. It will resonate with anyone who wants to feel amazing and be free of the energy-drainers caused by stress, struggle and strain. Partaking in these retreats will show you a beautiful approach to living a life with effortless ease and joy. Valued at $197.00.

Bonus 4


For each ‘Zone’ group we are creating a ‘Private Brains Trust’ with fellow participants who will help each other solve common challenges. Valued at $ 1,500.00


Enroll Now and Get These Fast Action Bonuses!
These Bonuses Disappear on DATE + TIME

If you’re in of the first 10 people to sign up before DATE + TIME you’ll get a bonus 45-Minute 1:1 online Zoom coaching call with Ian Stephens to accelerate your success and ask me any questions you may have in a private setting. This bonus alone is valued at $1,500, and you can take me up on it at a time convenient to both of us during the course of the program.

Get a free online audio program called ‘Neuro-Transformational Strategies’ that features Karina and Ian sharing how to rewire that limiting and un-resourceful piece of self-talk that has been holding you back. This bonus mini program takes you behind the curtains of how to harness the potential of your sub-conscious mind and fast-track the results you want. Valued at $59.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for this in instalments?

Sure. You pay a deposit of $997 now and then 4 x monthly payments of $750. Please refer to the payment sections above. Or pay $3,497 up front in one instalment and save $500.

What if don’t see a lot of value?
We don’t believe in taking money from people who are not 100% convinced that we can help them. We’ve offered this guarantee for the last 5 years on all of our programs and no one has ever taken us up on it… so we are totally happy to give the following guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you’re not happy by the end of module 1, and you are not 100% satisfied that ZONE will help you skyrocket your productivity and time-freedom, we’ll will give you a 100% refund on your investment, with no questions asked. Deal?

Can my partner or business partner watch the online modules?
Absolutely yes! We encourage your partner or business partner to know about the same tools and strategies that can keep you both in the Zone. One person living in the same household as you, or operating in your business, can be nomination to have access to the video segments. The online Q&A coaching calls are strictly for registered participants only.

If your partner or business partner wants to fully engage in the whole program, a concession of $1000 is available.

We’re busy. Will this work for us?
Yes! ZONE has been created for busy, savvy business owners, leaders or entrepreneurs who want to stop stressing and create the results they want with more ease and flow. We have condensed key learnings into short sharp video segments, and then dive deep during group coaching calls. Maximum results in short chunks of time.
What if I can’t make it to a scheduled Q&A online Coaching Call?
No worries. We record the coaching calls because we understand life can sometimes get in the way, and you can’t make it to the actual call. We highly recommend you lock n load the dates in advance and make it a priority to be on line for the call… but don’t stress – we can send you the link so you can watch the recording at your leisure if you can’t make it.
What if I fall behind on the program content?
Seriously, this would be really hard to achieve. You will only have to watch a few 8 – 10 minute video clips every month in the lead up to the monthly group coaching call. But hey, if you get ‘king hit’ by life and fall too far behind, just talk to us. We can look at putting your participation into hibernation until you are back on your feet, and you can recommence in a subsequent program/in-take.
Hurry and join now to get your Bonuses!
Offer only valid for a limited time…