Securing the Organisations Results

The Program:

You are a senior business leader. It may not be your responsibility to manage the sales team, but you MUST be across the strategies and tools the sales leaders should be using to make the revenue results happen. This is a 2–3 hour awareness workshop for senior leaders who manage and lead those who must inspire and coach the Business Development team. This workshop showcases the high level strategic ‘Sales Force Effectiveness’ (SFE) tools, principles and processes high achieving sales leaders should be using to ensure the boardroom budgets actually materialize. The aim is purely to increase awareness of the actions your sales leaders must be taking, consistently, and showcase best practice in aligning and linking the efforts of your Sales, Marketing and HR teams.

What’s Included:

  • Experience a model for more strategically focused sales activities and managing it more effectively
  • Learn the 4 essential universal laws governing effectiveness in the sales environment
  • Score your organization against the SFE Best Practice Model and understand the areas which must be strengthened
  • Gain clarity on the journey required to achieved the desired outcomes and revenue targets


“The feedback from the Executive team has been wonderful – particularly from those who don’t have a business development background.”

- Peter Laging Director – Human Resources Australian Paper

Overview of Securing the Organisations Results


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'enRich has over two decades'​ experience in delivering training programs and ongoing coaching programs across 29 countries in the areas of sales force effectivenesssales training, culture transformation, change management, managing disruption, consultative selling skills, high performing teams and negotiation skills.

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