How to Resonate with Your Audience and Become Irresistible

The RESONATE program is for anyone who wants to maximise the impact and appeal of their presentations in a way that motivates listeners and increases audience engagement.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You dread presenting in front of a group of people
  • You worry that you’ll screw up or lose your train of thought
  • You’re concerned that people are judging you
  • You want to learn the skills and tools for engaging an audience

RESONATE will help you establish how to best communicate your ideas and objectives, minimise any misunderstanding, build the appeal of your message and reduce the risk of people losing interest or getting bored, even when the information may be technical or unpalatable.

During the program, you will scrutinise the principles of effective presentations, learn how to maximise their impact and appeal, then tackle the task of adding these skills and processes to your own style of presenting.

What’s Included:

  • Discover a 4-step process to structure presentations for maximum appeal…and apply it
  • Understand the different ways people sense new information
  • Appreciate some of the psychological principles that underpin how people prefer information presented
  • Understand a 4-step languaging process to build rapport, motivate interest and minimise resistance – and apply it!
  • Learn how to experience the positive aspect of nervousness and overcome fear once and for all
  • Find out the do’s and don’ts of humour – when it adds value and when not
  • Appreciate the fundamentals of managing voice, tonality and posture – and apply them
  • Drill into the do’s and don’ts of using slideshows


Online RESONATE Coaching Program


You will be taken behind the scenes to the art and science of communicating to groups of people. You will then practise the use of these techniques and take your presentations from merely powerful to where they become almost irresistible, quickly and immediately establishing rapport with diverse audience members and maintaining their attention to the end.

  • Initial launch webinar (4 hours) to learn some of the program content
  • 8 x weekly presentation skills modules
  • 1 x 90-minute group virtual workshop with your trainer designed to customize your learnings and lessons to your presentations.
  • A half-day in-person session where you deliver a pre-prepared presentation, incorporating the tools and strategies learnt throughout the program. Coaching provided.


In just 2 months, RESONATE will boost your confidence and take the way you present to the next level. Instead of stressing about upcoming presentations, you can look forward to:

  • Elegantly handling presentations, whether one-on-one, to a small group or board, or an
    auditorium of customers and potential customers
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Your confidence soaring as you notice how much more attentive people are when you’re
  • Motivating and inspiring your listeners
  • Easily establishing rapport with a diverse audience and holding their attention right to the end


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