For Corporate and Business Leaders who want an ROI from training & Development…

An online training and coaching platform that reduces expensive ‘time off the job’ training, halves training expenses, produces improved results and creates behavioural changes that actually STICK!

Discover How You Can…
Engage your People with Practical and Relevant online training which boosts results, whilst minimizing disruption to the business.

Is This You?

  • You’re frustrated that your people revert to old behaviours about 4-6 weeks after attending expensive training programs
  • You struggle to see and measure the results of the training & development you are providing
  • You want a systemised proven online method which can be tailored to your business and includes ongoing support and follow-up from a coach who can ensure traction and implementation of the skills and tools learned

Partner with enRich Training Academy and we’ll show you how to deliver business results with a proven online training & coaching platform.



  • ACTIVATE – enRich Your Sales Activity
  • EXCELERATE – enRich Your Selling Skills
  • CONVERT – Turning Leads into Clients
  • ELEVATE – enRich Your Sales Leaders
  • DIFFERENTIATE – Strategic Key Account Management
  • SFE3 – Your Sales Force – Effective – Efficient – Energised

Customer Service

  • ADVOCATE – enRich Your Customer Service Skills



  • EVOLVE – Self-Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Senior Leaders

  • NAVIGATE – Leading Transformational Change

The Stats Don’t Lie!

Three startling facts confirmed by McKinsey & Company in a recent survey…


of CEO’s think a well-planned training & development program is critical to retain talent and achieve business growth


learning organisations don’t conduct surveys to measure the ROI of training initiatives


learning organisations don’t even both to keep track of participants’ feedback about learning programs, yet alone measure the ROI

Who Are We and Why You Can Trust enRich Training & Development?

Hi, I’m Ian Stephens. I’m a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Peak Performance Coach for organisations specialising in sales, customer service and cultural transformation.

I’m also the published author of 6 books and the creator of 11 online resources that help business leaders amplify their sales, leadership, personal and business results.

By age 28 I was leading a 210 employee business generating $120 million in general insurance sales for the Wesfarmers Group. In the year 2000 I founded enRich Training & Development, and today I still get to live my passion and purpose – assisting corporate leaders and L&D Managers to implement practical training processes that STICK and get traction.

I’ve been voted one of the top 20 business speakers in Australia consistently by speakers bureaus, and have delivered leading keynote speeches or training engagements in over 29 countries, averaging over 180 days of speaking a year. From interacting with the 115,000 participants, I would be an idiot not to notice the patterns of teams who get training to STICK. Now, we are making our training and coaching programs available online using the same accelerated learning method which ensures 87% recall of the training skills and tools … two years AFTER the event!

Our online training & coaching platform is designed to balance the required eyeball-to-eyeball training and coaching, blended with the right amount of online learning sessions. It minimises the need for costly off-site training programs which yield very little ROI, and cost you a fortune in downtime, travel and accommodation – let alone feeding and watering your team!

Enrich Academy

Introducing enRich Academy …

An online Training & Coaching portal that allows world-class training for your team members.

Discover a systemized COACHING PROCESS THAT DRIVES change and ensures proven results.

Tailored online training & coaching programs are available in these areas:

  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Consultative Selling Skills
  • Sales Leadership & Coaching
  • Strategic Key Account Management
  • High Performing Teams
  • Leading & Navigating Change and Disruption
  • Customer Service Skills

“…tailored to suit our business…supporting software templates and online coaching kits for our ongoing use! Not to mention how engaging Ian is as a facilitator – becoming part of our business and a great resource for our sales leaders.”

– Steve McInerney, Western Operations Manager – ARC Reinforcing

“Within six months of undertaking enRich’s culture transformation process we won the ‘Life Insurer of the Year’ award. We now have an underwriting unit who are ‘best in industry’.”

– Luke Banfield, Head of CS&O – Retail Life Division – TAL Australia

enRich Academy

An eLearning Industry article quotes THREE concrete ideas that help you DRIVE CHANGE and training which can truly impact your organisation:

  1. Start asking questions well before the training begins
  2. Measure what participants DO, not just what they say
  3. Get a commitment on what participants will do with the learnings

Most leaders and L&D Managers ensure the first one happens, and yet rely on time-poor managers to ensure second and third items above occur – sadly, they rarely do.

“I wish I had time to coach my team. The truth is I just never seem to have time.”

– State Sales Manager, Funeral Industry – Queensland

With enRich Training Academy you’ll have a training and coaching system which delivers all three of the components the eLearning article refers to above.

Before we move forward you complete a needs analysis so the training sessions can be highly tailored to your industry and organisation. Each program is a 3 – 12 month process. As an academy member, you receive plenty of individual and group time with your coach.

Our focus is on ensuring that your team acts on the learnings. Each program includes weekly lessons and tasks. We offer a process over time, versus just a one-off training event. And, the whole training and coaching platform can be customized and branded to look like your own, with access to all modules via both iOS and Android devices – anywhere, anytime.

Corporate Training & Development and Online Courses

enRich has over two decades'​ experience in delivering training programs and ongoing coaching programs across 29 countries in the areas of sales force effectivenesssales training, culture transformation, change management, managing disruption, consultative selling skills, high performing teams and negotiation skills.

All Courses
Online Courses
Corporate Training
Culture Change
Customer Service
All Courses
Personal Development
Sales Leaders
Senior Leaders
  • Activate Online Course | enRich Your Results Training a
  • Excelerate Online Course | enRich Your Results Training and Development
  • Elevate Online Course | enRich Your Results Training and Development
  • Sales Force Effectivity Online Course | enRich Your Results Training and Development
  • Differentiate Online Course | enRich Your Results Training a
  • Advocate Online Course | enRich Your Results Training a
  • C3 Online Course | enRich Your Results Training a
  • Navigate Online Course | enRich Your Results Training and Development
  • High Performing Teams Online Course | enRich Your Results Training and Development


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