Enrich Your Selling Skills

Because You Want to Maximise Your Revenue Without Coming Across as Salesy

EXCELERATE ONLINE is a 3-month online coaching program for sales representatives, account managers, small business owners, franchisees and sales leaders who want to sell with integrity, without fear, or coming across as being desperate for the sale.

Is this you? You or your people:

  • Struggle to meet your monthly, quarterly or annual sales targets
  • Lack the confidence to sell with integrity because no one has shown you how to do it gracefully, without sleaze… OR
  • Are a seasoned sales rep but, unbeknownst to you, you’ve slipped into certain selling habits that are costing you in missed opportunities and profits
  • Struggle to handle objections and rejection, and it makes you feel frustrated because you’re not converting enough leads into customers. This customer acquisition trap is costing you tens of thousands of dollars in missed profits every year and damages your reputation
  • Fail to leverage opportunities that convert existing customers into longer term clients and that shortsightedness is costing you dearly—in missed profits AND precious time

EXCELERATE exposes you to a more customer-friendly sales ethos and reveals why the best salespeople never sell—and why their customers are chasing them instead.

What’s Included:

  • Boost your questioning and listening skills so that you understand the customer’s needs a lot faster and tailor the right solution.
  • Know how to handle common objections gracefully, with ease, and avoid the ‘rabbit in the headlights’  syndrome.
  • Have the confidence and street smarts to present your solution or product without coming across as salesy.
  • Utilise a simple, proven tool that will allow you to create an effective nutshell summary of the customer’s needs, causing rapport levels to skyrocket.
  • Discover a 3-step tactic to present your solution with certainty, allowing you to cater to the customer’s need with accuracy.
  • Explore a 4-step process that will help you manage any sales conversation, with intent and confidence.


“Hi Ian, I want to thank you for the best most useful half day of sales training I have ever experienced. Your concepts and methodology were already known by me but the way that you communicated them and refreshed me and reminded me how I became a salesperson was so great. Your understanding and the way you distil the essential elements of what we need to do was truly remarkable and I thank you again.”
- Marty Reyment

Overview of Excelerate

Online EXCELERATE Coaching Program

What’s inside the Online EXCELERATE Coaching Program?

  • 12 x weekly profit-boosting modules
  • 1 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with your sales coach designed to custom tailored success tools to your industry to help you supercharge your profits
  • 3 x coaching Q & A webinars with other sales professionals doing the program (imagine tapping into this resource!)
  • Success tools custom-tailored to your industry/business to help you excel with your sales

Make the EXCELERATE skills and tools work for you—not against you!

Your time is too valuable to waste on losing profitable opportunities. In just 3 months EXCELERATE will change the way you sell. Your health is too precious to worry about missed sales opportunities and being afraid of converting a lead to a customer. Instead of stressing about sales conversations and worrying about coming across as salesy, you can look forward to:

  • Amplified sales results
  • Improved sales performance and results through leveraging my proven 4-step sales structure
  • Proven tools, techniques and systems that will simplify the way you sell
  • Better conversions which lead to more customers and higher profits
  • Less stress and worry because you’re ahead of the game and don’t need micromanaging


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