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ELEVATE ONLINE is a 3-month online coaching program for sales leaders, national product managers or senior leaders who need to make the sales targets happen. You understand the formula that Profit = Revenue – Costs, and you need to ensure that critical ‘REVENUE’ number actually lands. The success of the entire business rests on your shoulders and how well you lead, manage, inspire and motivate the sales team. No pressure!

Is this you? You:

  • Have to manage an eclectic team of salespeople to meet the monthly, quarterly or annual sales targets
  • Lose some sleep at night worried about whether the team are doing the right activities, in alignment with the sales and marketing direction
  • Constantly battle to ensure the team is filling their pipelines with enough opportunities to reach and exceed their individual targets
  • Get stuck on spending time with the poorer performers and find you never spend time with your sales stars who are always bringing home the sales numbers
  • Want to spend more time providing coaching but rarely find the time
  • Wish you had a common language and framework to the actual sales call or customer interaction so you can coach to a consistent methodology

I understand why you’re frustrated. We have heard thousands of sales leaders complaining about the same themes for the last 20+ years, across 29 countries. But it won’t apply to you for much longer – that’s about to change. ELEVATE exposes a more realistic and customer-friendly sales management ethos. Instead of being caught up in the details, you’ll discover how to ensure the team are doing the right activities, with the right skills that produce the sales results you want, with ease and flow.

What’s Included:

  • Ian will take you deep into our Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Best Practice model (not understanding this framework and identifying where your organisation is falling down is actually hurting you right now, and affecting your sales results).
  • Learn how to manage your team’s sales activities more effectively, thanks to enRich’s proven sales activity-oriented model.
  • Dive deep into the 7 Universal Sales Laws that govern effectiveness in any sales environment, and learn the 3 Sales Leadership laws you simply MUST know in order to shape the team’s activities, attitude and results.
  • Explore how to coach to a 4-step process that will help your salespeople manage any sales conversation, with intent and confidence.
  • Understand how to position a tool that will help your team hold themselves more accountable, thanks to the Sales Self-Leadership Planning process.
  • Tailor your own company’s version of a tool which will flush out your people’s strength and weaknesses, which will give focus to your individual coaching sessions, and ensure they make the small changes that will create the biggest results to their sales performance.


“Proven learning methodology and specific selling tools that were tailored by our own people to suit our business. Supporting software templates and coaching kits for ongoing use! Not to mention how engaging Ian is as a facilitator; becoming part of our business and a great resource for our sales Leader.”
- Steve McInerney - Western Operations Manager , ARC

Overview of Elevate

Online ELEVATE Coaching Program

What’s inside the Online ELEVATE Coaching Program?

  • 12 x weekly sales-boosting modules
  • 1 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with your sales coach designed to custom-tailor success tools to your industry to help you supercharge you sales team and their sales
  • 3 x coaching Q & A webinars with other sales leadership professionals doing the program (imagine tapping into this resource!)
  • Success tools custom-tailored to your industry/business to help you supercharge your sales

Make the SFE Best Practice Model and the underpinning 10 Universal Sales Laws work for you—not against you!

Your time is too valuable to waste fighting fires when the revenue targets are not happening. In just 3 months ELEVATE will change the way you manage your sales team, time and coaching opportunities. As the critical leader charged with making the sales target happen, instead of stressing, struggling and straining your way through the demands of every work day, you can look forward to:

  • Amplified results
  • Improved sales performance and results through effective ownership of sales actions
  • A common and ethical sales system that is utilised by your team
  • Proven tools, techniques and systems that will simplify the way you profit
  • Improved time management
  • Increased revenue and more accurate budget planning.
  • More time to focus on key coaching activities
  • Tapping that more creative side of you that can only shine when you are ahead of the game and easily making monthly sales budgets


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enRich has over two decades'​ experience in delivering training programs and ongoing coaching programs across 29 countries in the areas of sales force effectivenesssales training, culture transformation, change management, managing disruption, consultative selling skills, high performing teams and negotiation skills.

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