Strategic Key Account Management

DIFFERENTIATE and protect your Key Accounts. Consolidate your key accounts, grow your revenue, and strengthen relationships … The DIFFERENTIATE program can be delivered as a face to face course or a 3-month online coaching program for sales representatives, account managers and sales leaders who want a tangible process to secure and protect key accounts, or strategically land target key accounts. Is this you? You:

  • Do not want to have the traditional ‘post-mortem’ analysis when you lose a key account
  • Need a uniform and proven way to tactically manage the key account that produce a large proportion of your sales revenue
  • Want management of key accounts made uniform across the business, so the entire team is all on the same page talking the same language

I understand why you’re frustrated. We have introduced sales teams in 7 different countries and we would be idiots not to notice the pattern behind a successful implementation of a Strategic Key Acccount Management system. DIFFERENTIATE exposes your teach to a simple yet highly tailored customer friendly Account Management framework. Instead of being caught up in extensive 30 page documents, you’ll discover how to do the right strategic moves which guarantee ongoing business, and grow from the 20% of accounts that typically represent 80% of your revenue.

What’s Included:

  • Learn the 9 pieces of the Key Account Management process (not doing even one of these 9 puts key accounts at jeopardy)
  • Dive deep into building 4 tools specific to your organisation which put you on the front foot to retaining important accounts, or landing new ones.
  • Score the relationship strength with your existing key clients, using my Retaining Wall Criteria Tool, which is going to boost your ability to seek additional, profitable business. Think going from 60% of their wallet to 90% … or more!
  • Determine who are the key decision makers and influencers using our tailored system, and more importantly, know what to do next to win them over
  • Get clarity on the next tactical moves you need to be making now to secure future repeat business, or land the account
  • Access our ‘SKAM Template’ for easily and quickly flushing out the key imperiatives that must be managed to grow and secure the future of this account (and you’ll love how user friendly it is and how it can be linked to any existing CRM tools)


“The SKAM training served up proven Key Account Management tools and skills tailored to our organisation. Supporting software templates and coaching kits for on-going use. I am sleeping better knowing our key accounts are secure.”

- Steve McInerney - Western Operations Manager
ARC Reinforcing Company

Overview of Differentiate

Online DIFFERENTIATE Coaching Program

What’s inside the Online DIFFERENTIATE Coaching Program?

You get:

  • 12 x Weekly Profit-Boosting Modules
  • 1 x 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call with your sales coach designed to custom Tailored Success Tools to Your Industry to Help You Supercharge Your Profits
  • 3 x Coaching Q & A webinars with other sales professionals doing the program (imagine tapping into this resource!)
  • Custom Tailored Success Tools to Your Industry / Business to Help You penetrate further into key accounts and gain a greater share of their potential spend.

Make the DIFFERENTIATE Strategic Key Account Management process work for you—not against you!

Your time is too valuable to waste focusing on replacing lost accounts or stressing about losing existing strategically important accounts. In just 3 months DIFFERENTIATE will change the way you manage the relationships and potential growth of Key Accounts. Instead of stressing about the loss of key accounts, you can look forward to:

  • Immediate Action Plans to secure the future of key accounts
  • Understand a repeatable process applicable to all other key accounts
  • Being able to measure relationships and set measurable improvement targets
  • Exploit potential opportunities and be able to identifying and countering threats from competitors, and minimise risk of losing key accounts.


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