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ACTIVATE the 7 Universal Sales Laws!

Increase revenue, improve time management and supercharge your sales performance… ACTIVATE ONLINE is a 3-month online coaching program for sales representatives, account managers and sales leaders who want to supercharge their revenue, without having to fight the clock or procrastinate about prospecting for new clients, manage the pipeline, or focus on retention activities with existing accounts.

Is this you? You or your people:

  • Struggle to meet your monthly, quarterly or annual sales targets
  • Constantly lose the battle trying to fill your pipeline with enough opportunities to reach and exceed your targets
  • Fight against the clock. There is never enough time to get everything crossed off your ‘To Do’ list given the demands of existing clients and the need to find new ones!
  • Get stuck in doing the easy activities (like looking after existing accounts) that don’t give you the results you seek
  • Are being micro-managed by your sales manager because you’re not meeting your numbers

I understand why you’re frustrated. And I’m here to say it’s not your fault because you have been misinformed. You have not understood the underpinning laws of sales activity which improve results. But that’s about to change. ACTIVATE exposes a more realistic and customer-friendly sales ethos. Instead of being caught up in the details, you’ll discover how to do the right activities that produce the results you want, with ease and flow. I’ll take you deep into the 7 Universal Sales Laws (not understanding them is actually hurting you right now).

What’s Included:

We’ll take you deep into the 7 Universal Sales Laws (not understanding them is actually hurting your revenue results right now).

  • Experience how to manage sales activities more effectively, thanks to my proven sales activity-oriented model.
  • Dive deep into the 7 Universal Sales Laws that govern effectiveness in any sales environment. This alone will blow your mind!
  • Get clarity on where to focus your energy on the right target market so that you can accelerate your sales.
  • Access my secret tool that is super practical to help you manage and fill your pipeline with ever-growing opportunities.
  • Know exactly what to do next at every step of the way to convert your pipeline opportunities into profits.
  • Score the relationship strength with your existing client database, using my Retaining Wall Criteria Tool, which is going to boost your ability to seek additional, profitable business. Think going from 60% of their wallet to 90% … or more!
  • Discover the framework that will simplify how you hold yourself accountable, thanks to the Sales Self-Leadership Plan.


“A true professional. Engaging and dynamic. His use of stories and humour made a real impact on the team. The tools and processes he introduced and implemented played a major role in our turn around from 20% down, to now being 40% ahead of budget YTD.”
- National Sales Director Sensis SME Online

Overview of Activate

Online ACTIVATE Coaching Program

What’s inside the Online ACTIVATE Coaching Program?

  • 12 x weekly profit-boosting modules
  • 1 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with your sales coach designed to custom-tailor success tools to your industry to help you supercharge your profits
  • 3 x coaching Q & A webinars with other sales professionals doing the program (imagine tapping into this resource!)
  • Success tools custom-tailored to your industry/business to help you excel with your sales

Make the 7 Universal Sales Laws work for you—not against you!

Your time is too valuable to waste on losing profitable opportunities. In just 3 months, ACTIVATE will change the way you manage your sales time and opportunities. Instead of stressing, struggling and straining your way through each work day, you can look forward to:

  • Amplified results
  • Improved sales performance and results through effective ownership of sales actions
  • A common and ethical sales system that is utilised by your team
  • Proven tools, techniques and systems that will simplify the way you profit
  • Improved time management
  • Increased revenue and more accurate budget planning


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