For Businesses with 1-10 employees who want to work Smarter, not Harder…

Finally! A Proven System That Accelerates Your Productivity & Profits!

Online ACCELERATE Coaching Program

Discover How You Can Leverage Your Business and Skyrocket Your Wealth and Time Freedom in Just 7 Weeks…

Using little-known strategies and a proven system that leverage the missed (and costly) opportunities in your business, So that you can close and convert more sales, Without having to be salesy or pushy in your marketing!

Cash Flow Issues & Ignorance is Threatening Your Business Survival and…

  • Affects the relationships with loved ones and staff which means you’ll lose great people because you fail to communicate your goals and bring your team along for the ride…
  • Steals your ability to live with joy and happiness and instead keeps you stuck in stress and burnout mode…
  • Causes costly and dangerous health issues that could result in you having to sell your business at a great loss…
  • Keeps you stuck in a frustrating and costly “Groundhog Day” loop, always struggling to build momentum which is costing you sales and clients…
  • Threatens financial hardship that could see you losing it all!

Is This You?

  • You’re caught in money and cash flow hell: you work hard and bust your guts trying to make the business profitable. But despite your hard work you may struggle to pay your staff on paydays and may have to go empty-handed. And making the quarterly BAS payment feels worse than taking blood from your first born.
  • You struggle to engage your employees: you’re at a loss as to how you can keep your staff motivated to perform to a level that matches your own performance and attitude. This lack of team harmony negatively affects the day-to-day running of your business and causes costly delays. And you feel annoyed because you’re sacrificing your time and energy for the sake of paying your staff every week.
  • You can’t switch off because you’re stressed, worried and close to mental burnout. Instead of enjoying quality family time at night and enjoying your time off work you end up having to do admin work and balancing accounts at night. This exhaustion also causes tension in your marriage or relationships with others and you’d give anything to have more balance and time freedom.
  • You want a systemised business that gives you time freedom, with the help of an exit strategy that allows you to maximise your investment and benefit from all the hard work you’re investing right now.

3 You Can’t Afford to Ignore Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Be Productive & Profitable Right Now



You procrastinate on doing the marketing and sales for your business

Because selling feels just icky and you’re unsure as to how you can best leverage your skills and expertise without coming across as salesy.



Your struggle with sales fails to convert the prospects into sales with more ease.

This customer acquisition trap is costing you tens of thousands of dollars in missed profits every year and damages your reputation.



You fail to leverage opportunities that convert

existing customers into longer term clients and that shortsightedness is costing you dearly—in missed profits AND precious time.

How Do You Rate?

Greg Hayes from Hayes Knight Accountants & Advisers told The Huffington Post Australia there are varied reasons why most Australian small businesses struggle to survive. “The biggest reason for failure is a lack of capital. It’s a common story that many people go into business under-capitalised and they just run out of money.” Hayes said. “There’s also the issue of a lack of proper training. Many thousands of small business owners might be entrepreneurial by nature and find themselves getting carried away with the ‘romance’ of owning their own business. Yet they lack education and awareness and that leads to a quick downfall. There’s an Australian attitude of, ‘Running a business — how hard can that be?’. So many people don’t ask for help because they think they will be okay.” Hayes said. “They won’t look to spend money on getting advice.”

Hayes’ Tips:

Get appropriate advice: People assume that because there is no much information online, they’ll be able to find the answers to all their problems. In most cases there is no substitute to sitting down with someone who can show you how the pieces connect, where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to fix your business before it’s too late.”

Enrich Training and Development | Partnering to Amplify Results

“Hi Ian, I want to thank you for the best most useful sales & marketing training I have ever experienced.

I participated with a grudging sense of having to attend but regretting accepting TALs invitation because I was so busy. I falsely assumed that you could not teach me anything about sales and marketing. I was wrong.

Having my own business has been liberating and also frightening because as you know hunters are rubbish at admin. Your understanding and the way you distill the essential elements of what we need to do was truly remarkable and I thank you again. It is showing up daily in improved results – my strike rate from prospect to client has already moved from 1 out of 3, to 2 out of three. That alone will fund our family’s annual overseas holiday. Regards.”

– Marty Reyment – Life Insurance Advisor, Melbourne

Give Me 7 Weeks and I’ll Show You How You Can…

  • Boost your business revenue and profits.
  • Skyrocket your wealth and time freedom.
  • Attract more of your ideal customers, with more ease.
  • Convert prospects into long term clients, instead of one-time customers.

The Stats Don’t Lie!

Three startling facts confirmed by The Australian Bureau of Statistics report in 2016…

1.96 Million active small businesses (less than 20 staff) in Australia


90% of Australian Business Entities fall into the Small Business Definition


60% of Small Business fail in the 1st Three Years

But the real scary parts are that…


44% of businesses suffered poor strategic management


40% had inadequate cash flow or high cash use


33% suffered from trading losses

Introducing ACCELERATE…

a 7-Week Online Program that Leverages Your business and Skyrockets Your Wealth and Time Freedom!

Who is This For?

ACCELERATE is perfect for you if you’re:

  • A small bricks and mortar business owner with 1-10 employees. You have an actual location/shop front/office/home-office OR a product or service to sell (i.e. glass, financial planning, accounting, audiology practice, etc.)
  • The owner of a franchise.
  • Ready to skyrocket your wealth, with growing sustainable business profits.
  • Serious about creating time freedom and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.
  • Sick and tired of working until late at night, for little or no profits.
  • Looking for savvier ways and methods to market your business so that you can leverage your skills and expertise.
  • Interested in ethical selling that feels aligned with your values and mission and that actually feels enjoyable to you.
  • Genuinely keen to eliminate stress, worry and disharmony from your work environment.

Ready to Take a Peek Inside ACCELERATE?

In addition to an easy-to-do induction pre-module where we showcase the 7 Step Achievement Pathway which underpins the Accelerate program, you will discover:

  • Week One – Inside the Psychology of Business Success
  • Week Two – Explode Your Business
  • Week Three – Unleash the Laws of Revenue Growth
  • Week Four – Discover the Magic of Sales & Marketing
  • Week Five – Create Raving Fans with the WOW NOW Method
  • Week Six – Master Sales Without Selling: the Art of Non-Salesy Selling Part 1
  • Week Seven – Convert & Cash Profits: the Art of Non-Salesy Selling Part 2


  • You get access to a private Facebook group for collaboration with other like-minded business owners and to ask me any questions you may have. I will be checking this group frequently and support you through the ACCELERATE journey.
  • 2 x LIVE Q&A Zoom Calls during week 2 and 5. These calls are to support you and help you get clear about any questions you may have during the program. I will stay on the line until all questions have been answered.

“Ian, by adopting the small change you suggested in how I conduct my first meeting with customers has improved my conversion from prospect to client by 8%. That’s put an additional $2,500 on the top line every week, and increase my profit by $750 every Friday! Love your work.”

Terry Clayton – Owner/Director, Clayton Hearing, Hervey Bay NSW

“Just a short note to say how much I gained from your trainings. I have been to many sales and marketing courses over the years and this is the first time I have gained real practical steps to achieve my goals.”

Rob Eldridge – Small Business Owner, Forrestfield, WA

“Hi Ian, I attended your workshop at our Frontline Franchisee conference a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed it and the practical takeaway was amazing. I know a lot of people in the room felt the same way and we are already seeing results. Thanks again.”

Ellen Muldoon – Frontline Recruitment Franchisee, NSW

“I feel invigorated, revitalised and thoroughly excited about implementing some great processes and systems to manage my time and roles and increase productivity and results. Personally I’ve gained some real insights too and needless to say, my family and husband will probably be sending you thank you cards.”

Simone Richardson – Financial Planner, Henderson Matusch Financial Planning, Brisbane

In Just 7 Weeks…

 You’ll Know Exactly What it Feels Like to Enjoy Quality Time with Loved Ones at Night and Time Out on Weekends…



Your money and cash-flow issues are solved.

Making payroll AND paying yourself a wage feels oh-so-good. With ACCELERATE you’ll discover how to convert the prospects to customers that are already finding you right now and then turn them into long-term clients and raving fans of your business.



Staff challenges are a worry of the past.

Because you’ll finally have the team harmony you’ve been craving for so long. Your staff are motivated, aligned with your values and mission and keen to support you with your business goals. When everyone pulls on the same strings, everyone wins. The new dynamic is palpable and irresistible for new clients.



More Time Freedom

You finally know what it feels like to have more time freedom because your evenings are fulfilled with family activities instead of admin and accounting work and your weekends are just that—a time to reflect, chillout, enjoy, love and prosper. Business is easier with the proven ACCELERATE Formula and life is definitely more fun.


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